La Dame Rouge - Champagne Cocktail

La Dame Rouge - Champagne Cocktail

The Red Lady - Hibiscus & Blood Orange Champagne Cocktail

Rich in flavor and elegance, this champagne cocktail is as delicious as it is gorgeous. Plus, it is a cinch to prepare.

It's impossible to pick a leading star in this cocktail. The three ingredients complement one another in perfect harmony for an appealing apéritif or refreshing cocktail. Here's a few highlights of the ingredients:

Hibiscus Elixir -- Artfully pressed from vibrant and magenta hued hibiscuc flowers, this all natural elixir releases a tart, almost-cranberry like flavor and a deep red-violet color that is not only gorgeous but full of Vitamin C and antioxidants.

Louis Bouillot Perle D'Aurore Brut Rosé: Burgundy, France -- is a sophisticated Rosé made using the Champagne method from Pinot Noir grapes. Pale rose in color with a medium-body and fine bubbles. The bouquet and palate feature cherry and strawberry notes with a dry creamy finish.

Solerno Blood Orange Liqueur is a premium liqueur made with native Sicilian Sanguinello blood oranges picked at the peak of ripeness, bottling the magic for year-round enjoyment.



  • 6 ounces Louis Bouillot Perle D'Aurore Brut Rosé (or other brut rosé)
  • *1/2 ounce Hibiscus Elixir
  • *1/2 ounce Solerno Blood Orange Liqueur
  • Optional: Fresh Blood Orange or Lemon Twist

* A French style brut rosé is recommended. If a sweeter sparkling wine is used, consider reducing portions of Hibiscus and Solerno, so as not to over-sweeten.

Pour Hibiscus Elixir and Solerno into large champagne flute. Stir to combine. Carefully pour Brut Rosé into glass and give a quick, gentle stir. Swipe rim of glass with twist if desired. SANTÉ! 


~ Recipe is an Art of Santé original, courtesy of Dolores Harrell

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